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Our Values 

Our culture is honest and transparent encouraging each memeber of the JW Team to develop to thier full potential in a supportive and communicative enviroment. We strongly emphasize the growth of each individual team member- not just through education and skills but more broadly through various developmental and best-practice activities on an ongoing basis.

What we care about at JW is a high level of morale-standards. These standards are what we stand behind when working together to deliver quality services to our clients. Our focus is to help providers succeed regardless  of thier speciality or size. What we bring to the table each day: 

  • Honesty and Respect
  • Client First 
  • Quality Focus 
  • Transparency
  • Innovation 

We represent multiple educational backgrounds in clincial, business, finance, administration computer science, and EHR utilization. This multiplicity helps each team member assume new responsibilties with greater ease. 

What we do  

The most popular way for a healthcare business  to increase revenue is through the revenue cycle system, productive work-force and knowledgeable oversight, and our professional team strives to assist  businesses in becoming more productive and efficient in their operations through proven strategies that continue to help our client grow and sustain.  We look forward to filling our clients with elation through our outstanding services.

Always staying in constant communication with our clients is key to both our success and the success of our clients. We handle about 98% of the business aspect for any specialty. This includes pediatrics, family medicine, dermatology, behaviorial health,ob/gyn, general surgery, nephrology, spa-concierge, internal medicine, othopedics, and ENT. The health care industry is close to our hearts, and we like to see our clients receive financial rewards for the hard work they do.

Our customer service and effectiveness are the foundation for our success. We keep everyone in the company updated with every project we take on.

Where We Give Back

While we enjoy working to boost the health care industry and individuals who work within it, we also believe that giving back is what motivates others. We have
been a member of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants™ (NSCHBC) since 2003, American Association of Independant Doctors since 2016, and we support a number of causes and organizations, including:

• Local Book Drives for Underprivileged Children

• Catholic Charities

• Toys for Tots™

Our Management Team  

In the relentlessly changing field of healthcare,healthcare providers do not have the time to keep on top of the latest healthcare policies and trends. JW Healthcare Consultants focuses on staying abreast of the most recent guiding principles in healthcare and keeping our clients informed, to ensure they are maximizing their revenues and avoiding mandatory penalties for noncompliance.

JW Healthcare Consultants are constantly perfecting our systems to ensure clients are provided with the best solutions to meet their individual practice needs. We understand that each client is unique and what works for one client may not necessarily be the best answer for another client. We evaluate each client’s position and offer the services that will promote a stronger financial integrity system, and forward thinking business growth.  With JW Healthcare Consultants as a value added resource, clients can rest assure that their practices are operating with optimum efficiency. JW Healthcare Consultants can help decrease your stress by providing efficient work-flow solutions and quality-based approaches that reduces systemic issues and redundancies. This allows clients to do what they do best - provide excellent patient care; while we do what we do best. Help providers succeed!

JW offers a quality service that is unmatched by many of our competitors.

Managing Partner

Nancy Jones, BSN, MBA earned her BS degree at Southern Illinois University. Nancy worked for both the Illinois department of health and Denver Health System providing exceptional patient care and assisting to expand access to underserved areas, and implement patient driven policies to accommodate the ever changing healthcare mandates.

After working in public health for six years, Nancy furthered her education at Georgia State while working in the private sector of healthcare as a practice manager for various physicians and specialties. She has assisted many physicians in Georgia, Florida, New York and Illinois maintain practice stability and continuous growth through diverse challenges in the healthcare delivery sector. Nancy has a keen sense of organizational skills specifically relating to the health industry, revenue management, and business development. She has helped organizations uncover millions in lost revenue an decrease outstanding AR by more than 80% through intelligent work-flows, quality driven models and financial integrity systems.  These key attributes in addition to her vast knowledge of healthcare laws, modernization, and regulations is what keeps JW in the forefront of the growing changes affecting health providers nationwide. Nancy is a Yogi and inspiring author, and she seeks out new Yoga and food experiences wherever she travels. 

Managing Director

Ms. Flowers joined JW Healthcare Consultants in 2007, currently serving in the position of Director of Operations.  As Director of Operations she along with her support team focuses on strategies for keeping our clients profitable throughout every function of thier business. She identifys and target areas in which our clients can improve operations and research new directives for business growth and prosperity.  Ms. Flowers directs the developement and implementation of new programs and plays an intricate role in monitoring  outcomes for payor incentive programs and quality improvements. Under Ms. Flowers’ watchful eye, clients can rest assure their needs will be met with the highest degree of efficiency. 

Ms. Flowers received her MBA from Clayton State University.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and volunteering with youth service projects.

Marketing and Human Resource 

Latoya Roberts has been with JW Healthcare Consultants since 2004, currently serving in the position of Marketing Manager.  Mrs. Roberts manages multiple social media platforms for our clients, helping to keep the client's story and updates in the forefront of the patient community. She enjoys reaching out to new prospects in our vast market area to create awareness of the healthcare changes and then providing a road map to the assistance provided through JW services. She ensures that new providers entering the field as a solo or group provider will have an opportunity to start their practice off in the right direction with the help of our team. Her creativity is reflected in our client and provider news updates, web- designs, and social media content.

One of her passions is interacting with our client's staff and creating a safe space for HR related concerns. Mrs. Roberts develops HR tools for communication, time tracking, employee training & compliance, and on-boarding. Her patience, empathy and cultural compentence aides in her ability to have great rapport. She is diligent and fair in her approach. 

Mrs. Roberts received her degree in business management and hr from Gwinett College . In her spare time, she travels with her husband and remodels new homes. 

Finance Manager 

Marcela Quintero has thirteen years of practice management and finance experience where she performs critical research and investigation of key business problems through quantive analysis of payor utilizarion and cost data. Marcela served as CFO to a large OB/GYN group, helping them to expand and double in locations under her leadership.  As finance manager she proactively identifies, communicate and lead our clients in new and expanding service initiaves. As a subject matter expert, she interprets and analyze finance data from various sources and recommends best approaches to tranform thier medical practices. Marcela earned her degree in finance at the University of Columbia. When she is not working, she is taking in a few bike trails around Georgia. 

Managing Executive 

Shahida Yussif is an ambitious Guana native who received her BS in Healthcare Administration. She has over five years of experience managing medical practices, implementing new systems, product development, EHR Utilization and implementation. Her strengths include, but are not limited to identifying practice trends to enhance practice outcome, EHR implementation, reducing unnecessary overhead, intelligent workflows, practice management, patient retention strategies, quality-based medicine transition, and growing healthcare practices.

Mrs. Say finds personal fulfillment in knowing that her job positions her to help providers reach their highest potential in their practice. She also enjoys quiet time on the beach, traveling, and community outreach.

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