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Blow the competition away with health care consulting services from JW Healthcare Consultants. We have the knowledge to customize a plan that best suits your business.

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Feel great about the direction of your business. From assisting with payer quality  incentive programs, team-based medicine approach, Telehealth, to credentialing and coding audits, we look forward to helping your business grow.

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Take the hassle out of running your healthcare business with the professional management services from JW Healthcare Consultants.  Our company offers a hands-on experience and works close with you to root out systemic issues and waste while implementing efficient systems designed for growth and keeping up with current demands. We have built our business by working with group, and privately owned physician practices, and urgent cares, helping them to uncovered millions in revenue potential through redisgned work-flows and efficient revenue systems. Our clients have transformed thier business into quality-based, valuebased medicine practices and are well prepared for the transiton away from fee for servcie. Our combined team has more than 16 years of experience in healthcare management, finance, compliance, EHR optimization and healthcare technology.
Telehealth Services  ( Expand access to healthcare services in an easy compliant way)
Telehealth is a means to scale quality, lower cost, meet the on-demand economy and gives patients greater control over thier healthcare. Telehealth solutions does not fundamentally alter pre-existing in-person, long term care relationships, but use technology to enrich them and capture all data and care back to the main health record. Medicaid, Medicare and most commercials plans have adobpted reimbursement models with steady improvements based on federal and state mandates. Telehealth also helps to expand care to your self-paying patients and patients are seeking out telemedicine services in all sectors of healthcare, and growing. 

Telehealth Services by JW 

This is the future of healthcae and its here to stay.  Providers not delivering telehealth will be left out of this growing market. Our team is certified to implement telehealth services of all specialities in your medical practice, urgent care, behavioral health,  outpatient facility and group practiceOur years of experiencd in managment specific to healthcare, finance, technology, and compliance coupled with telehealth certification and training positions us to be one of the best in the field of developing your telehealth services. 

We will assist you with determining the platform from where to deliver your telehealth services: 

1. Evaluate readiness 

2. Team and technology  assessment 

3. Space and Room set up 

4.  Identify Team Champions and Staff Training 

5. Patient engagement and acknowledgement 

6. Financial Modeling 

7. Policies and Procedures 

8. Applicable Credentialing and licensing 

9. Patient Scheduling Systems 

10. Delivery and Monitoring 

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