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                                                                    Helping medical practices in Georgia and accross the US grow and succeed is our business model. 

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JW Healthcare Consulting is a turnaround and change management consulting group specializing in assisting practices break free of the painstaking burdens that prevent them from focusing on patient care, while helping practices achieve greater performance and better profit margins.

Our client relationships spans 9+ years because we put in the knowledge,Integrity, time and effort to understand the problems and goals at a high level.  Working with medical practices and helping them succeed is our business model. 

We provide financial reporting specifically to healthcare, that you can easily understand and determine exactly where you are, why you are where you are and the steps necessary to turn it around.  

Our team are subject matter experts in revenue cycle management, new practice start ups, quality based care transition, staffing patterns, practice management, financial modeling and bookkeeping, EHR utilization and implementation, intelligent workflows, compliance, policies and procedures, and dissolutions. 

At JW our mission is to work with medical practices of all sizes and specialities, helping them to sustain, grow and succeed in private practice.

Since 2004 we have worked alongside physicians and key stakeholders to face the ongoing challenges that threatens private practice providers and their ability to sustain, grow and succeed while delivering quality based medicine.
We are skilled in rooting out systemic issues that impact revenue, employee morale, patient satisfaction and the culture of the organization.

New guidelines and mandates are changing rapidly with the current pandemic, from payer coverage to CDC guidelines and labor laws.
We have feet to the ground since the beginning of the pandemic to guide change management with staffing patterns, scheduling protocols and patient care access, all to maintain a safe environment that can sustain. We provide ongoing updates to keep you informed of current changes.

The level of skills and attention we bring to the healthcare delivery team is unmatched by many. We know intimately what is takes to succeed in private/ physician practice, so we take decisive action to quickly and effectively implement strategies to eliminate problems and convert opportunities.
Our knowledge and insight we bring to private/ physician practice are directly related to the challenges of running, managing and growing a healthcare organization, which includes:
Finance and Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Restructuring , Compliance , Change Management, New Start up ( soup to nuts) , Operations through bankruptcy , Implementing Gov. Incentive programs, Credentialing Experts, EHR Implementation, Expansions and dissolution.

As our healthcare delivery systems moves away from fee for service, We are helping healthcare providers transition to quality based medicine models to increase patient engagement and improve the quality of care.


  Get in touch with us at info@goforjw.com