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Practice Management and Consulting

JW Healthcare Consultants is a group of highly skilled professionals with experience in every important aspect of healthcare managment and consulting.

Credentialing & Complaince Experts 

Finance and Revenue Cycle Executives 

EHR and Technology Managers 

Business & Operational Managers 

Human Resource & Benefit Managers 

Having the knowledge and resources enables us to quickly identify systemic issues, and  increase profit through efficient work flow solutions, management,  compliance and financial integrity systems. 

Our client-base consist of solo, group practices, urgent care, multispeciatliy practice/clinics, behavioral health and out-patient facilieites in all states. 


Telehealth is the future and it's here to stay. 

We began implementing telehealth services for our clients in 2014, and now it's approved in 42 states as of 2019. Telehealth has evolved and continues to gained consumer appeal, which offers opportunities for providers all over the country.  

We are helping clients move towards moderinized healthcare delivery models that are team based and quailty driven. It is estimated that telemedicine will grow by 67% in 2022 :

91% of Employers are expected to offer telemedicine by the end of 2020

40%  of Milienials who now comprise the largest segment of the work force says telemedicine is extremely important

79% of patients said that scheduling a telemedicine follow up was more convenient than scheduling a fact to face follow up. 

53% of surveyed patients said they left their scheduled appointment due to the wait time. 

65% of non-metropolitan counties do not have phychiatrist or psychologist 

JW Healthcare Consultants have the managment, techonology, and finance skills coupled with telehealth experience and certification to deliver  the best telehealth service to our clients. We help with readiness assessment, planning, and excution.

To maintain a successful medical practice in this new age of medicine, you will be need to offer expanded access to patients. It will only evlove from here. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

JW Healthcare Consultants have uncovered millions in what could have been lost revenue. Our finance and practice management team work together to develop a financial model where each aspect of your claims process is thoroughly assessed, from patient scheduling to payor contracts, we review it all.

By contacting us, you could be well on your way to a full assessment of your charges, payments , claims submissions, and account history. We create the processes necessary to increase the efficiency of your revenue cycle. 

Most practices lose money due to , late charges, submission errors, lack of knowledge, payor error, coding inefficiencies, negligence, waste and patient balances. 

After we analyze your financial systems, we ensure that any inaccuracies discovered are addressed and systems put in place to keep you on track even after our engagement. While this is an optional service, know that you, as a medical practice, could be losing a lot of money without it.

Discussion - Government Programs


Compliance in healthcare governs a wide array of requirements and JW Healthcare Consultants help our clients implement the necessary resources, policies, procedures, and staff training to address: 


Security Risk Assessement 

Vaccine Management 

EHR Utilization 



Credentialing and License 


Sanctions and Fines are given to medical practices who fail to adhere to compliance that protect patients and employees. 

Each year medical providers large and small face unnecessary fines upto the millions for non-compliance relating to  protected health information, business associates, and employee safety. We are happy to assess your medical practice and develop the tools necessary for compliance. 


Just starting your medical practice, adding a location or provider,  or expanding your servicde base? If you need expert help for your credentialing needs, we take the lead for you. Meeting contract obligations for commercial insurance or government plans is part of what we do. Together we determine the  plans of interests and we see it through from application to contracting. You never have to worry about plans, CAQH, participation, or re-credentialing, because we do it all, except your signature.  


Don’t go through the frustrating process of dissolution without contacting us. When dealing with the closure of a practice, we contact all the applicable entities from the government, private payers, and state officials to ensure proper announcements and notifications are sent. State requirements for closings are difficult to maneuver, and we perform a complete walk-through to make sure you are within those regulations.

Third-party entities and patients may require letters of departure, and our company composes these letters for you and monitors them until everyone has confirmed receipt. We make ourselves available as a guide for any additional service you need until dissolution is complete.

Quality Based Services

Fee For Service ( volume based medicine ) is going away and we are helping our clients to grow and expand thier value -based medicine practices. Value- based care providers are paid on patient successful outcomes. Our clients are learning a new way of treating patients and reducing cost. JW Healthcare Consultants have a unique set of skills to assist our clients with, patient centered care, chronic care managment, advance care planning, patient engagement, and telehealth medicine.  We have helped to incease revenue upto 50% after successful implementation of quality based services. Finally providers are getting paid for preventive medicine. 

Call (678) 821-2201 to reach JW Healthcare Consultants in Atlanta, GA, to learn how we are able to help you transition into a quality based- team medicine practice.